Saturday, November 18, 2017

Veterans Day 11.11.17

I know it has been over a year since I have posted but we have been taking care of some family business and below will explain why I have been away

So as everyone knows that has been following us we sold our RV and our truck and went stationary what we hoped was going to be a few years. The reason we went stationary was Todd's mom has been ill for a long time but she has progressively gotten worse. We got a call from his step dad saying we should come home (home is in MI cant really full-time year round in a RV here tons and tons of SNOW and COLD) because she was not getting any better that was the call we were expecting but the call you never want to get.

So June of last year we officially sold our beloved 5th wheel and our truck (AKA Gas Guzzler) and made the move to Michigan and moved back in to a stick and brick. Transitioning back into the real world as well call it is tough. I had to find a job a real job 9-5 desk job yuck!!. We needed to buy furniture and a house full of stuff again stuff that I did not think I would ever have to do again. Living in the snow is something I needed to deal with as well I love to look at it but the moment I have to leave and drive in it I am screwed I can not drive in the snow to save my life LOL....well anyway we made it work but we were not really ever settled I always want to be one the road to the next journey.

Well fast forward to the sad day. Saturday Veterans day 11.11.17 Todd's mom passed away from battling her long time illness. The reason we came back for but the day we never ever wanted to come. I think since we have been married the whole 8 years we have been married he has been my rock I have cried a million times and he has been there for me, well the rolls reversed I needed to be his rock but I almost was not sure how to be. I never seen him cry or need me in this way but I just needed to be there for whatever and whenever he was ready, he assured me he was going to OK but I know better then that. He held all his emotions is until the funeral I am glad he let them out holding emotions in can just make things worse.

He opened up and talked to me and did say that no matter how long he went without talking to his mom and not seeing her she was the one constant thing in his life. No matter when he came back HOME to MI she was always there for him in the same house doing the same thing. Now that she is gone he feel like he does not have a place to call home anymore and no one to come back to. Hearing that makes me really sad I know him saying that does not mean anything to do about me it means his childhood home but it still breaks my heart knowing that he feels like he has nothing left and feels like he has no family left.

With all this that has happened Michigan is not where we want to be any more. We are looking to our next journey which is us getting back to our excellent adventure. We are looking to buy a fifth wheel or a class C decent size we are low on funds because we were helping with medical care so if anyone knows of any rigs that could get us out back to the excellent adventure that we love and enjoy please message me and I look forward to posting many many more blogs for everyone to read!!! 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Selling Our 5th Wheel

OK so I know I have not posted in a LONG TIME. we are going to be stationary for a few years and then we will hopefully hit the road again!!! I will catch everyone up on while we are stationary, I will still be posting on my blog and the transition back into (the real world) as I call it now. We are selling our 1997 26ft 5th wheel below is a blurb about it 

1997 26 ft 5th wheel with a 14 ft super slide. Everything works new tires 6,280 pounds dry weight.

propane stove, propane heat, jack knife couch folds to a bed, dinette folds down to a bed bedroom with room for a queen size bed sleeps 6 
.everything you need to go camping ready to go all tanks work no leaks. Thermostat controlled ducted AC blows very cold. Come with 2 30lb propane that were just filled. There was a roof leak that has been repaired and have not had any problems since then. We started to replace the floor but did not get around to finishing it, we do have the remaining floor to finish it and if you need more it can be purchased at Lowes. I have attached pictures below you can contact me at

it is currently in Abingdon, MD in storage that is where it can be seen and will have to be picked up from since we sold our truck we pulled with. I can meet anytime there to see it.

Clean title in hand asking $4,500 OBO looking to sell ASAP any reasonable offer considered will also consider trade or partial trades let me know what you have.

If you know someone or you are in the market for one please let me know you can private message me on here or through the facebook page attached to this blog. 

attached are some pictures of the camper. Please stay tuned for our transition and what we are going to be up to for the next few year.......

Friday, February 19, 2016

Beautiful Moon!!!

Just dropping in to show you this awesome picture of the moon I got this evening. I used my awesome camera to get this picture there is a ring around the moon, not a trick of the lens or anything just a really awesome picture. I still have tons of knowledge to learn about my camera, little by little I am learning and loving the beautiful pictures I get!!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Yucky......I hate being sick

Finally for the first time in almost two months Todd is better and back in action. I could not be happier I felt alone the whole time he was sick, doing things I do not normally do when traveling. I was more then willing because that's what you do when you other half is sick, anything to get them better. Well now that he is better it just so happens I would get sick. I think its the flu (YUCKY) but I am not ruling out Pneumonia my chest hurts and my lungs feel like they have fluid in the and they feel like they are on fire!!!! :-( All I want to do now is get better, of course Todd is being an awesome hubby waiting on me hand and foot and since we are at my grandmothers house she is making me homemade chicken noodle soup. There is nothing better the grandmother chicken noodle soup when you are sick I know it sounds cliche but it true lol. 

The weather here is perfect for a sick day, it started out more snow this morning..., nothing like the blizzard (I never want to see 3 feet of snow overnight ever again in my life,expect on TV maybe) This morning through the afternoon we ended up with about 5 inches, now the nasty part of the storm is the sleet/freezing rain for the rest of the night. Good thing we have no where to go tomorrow because I have a feeling the slush on the roads will freeze. After this storm the weather is supposed to warm up quite a bit so I am looking forward to getting better and getting out and taking more awesome pictures with my awesome camera. Now that Todd is better we have about a month to get my moms house in shape so we will be starting some of the renovations they need as well. I am going to go back to bed now and hope to sweat whatever sickness I have I just pray that it is not Pneumonia 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Double Rock Park on a Snowy Day

Today was another snow day, nothing like the blizzard we had a few weeks ago. This snow was not laying on the streets or the sidewalks so you can still leave you house and life goes on lol. 

Today after we ate lunch with family we ended up at Double Rock Park. The snow is still falling, with all the tree's with snow on their limbs I could not resist a picture session with my new camera!!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures I got today!! I am no master of my new camera yet but the pictures I am taking now are amazing I can only imagine when I do become a master :-)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Internet On The Road

Lately I have seen the question "what do you do for internet on the road"? It is a good question this day an age everyone has the need for internet. We all want to best option and the cheapest option and something that will work almost anywhere. I have never used any of the other services out there like, Karma Go, Verizon jetpack, or anything else because what I have has never given me a reason to look for anything else.

I have Internet hotspot on my phone and the service that I have is Cricket. OK hear me out I know that most people have had bad experiences with Cricket, their customer service was horrible. Since then Cricket bought out a company named AIO Wireless, their customer service is so much better and they work to help you make sure your needs are met and you are happy. You may not find a Cricket store everywhere you are, but that does not mean that the service is not good in that area. I have been in areas where there was not a Cricket store for 100 miles+ and my signal was super. 

My hotspot cost's me $10 a month for the use, now that is if you do not have a unlocked phone. My previous phone was unlocked and I did not have to pay for the hotspot. They do not have a restriction on how often you can use the hotspot if you have to pay for it, its unlimited use. I swear that my internet that I get from my phone is faster then some house Internets. I surf facebook, play games, download games and music and watch youtube videos and sometimes stream a few shows, I have never had a slow down or went over the Gigs that I get. I do not look at it as its my phone, you would use it as any other internet. 

Now I bet everyone wants to know what pay for this, $65.00 a month for 20 GB, now I have 20GB because they had a one time special promotions, normally you would get 10GB and unlimited everything else for $55 it is normally $60 but if you sign up for auto-pay you get $5.00 off you bill so it ends up being $55, if you do not have a unlocked phone and you have to pay $10 for the hotspot that is how my bill comes up to $65. Like I said previously if you are worried about not having a store in every area you are, it is not a concern, you can pay you bill right from you phone or online, and if you have any issues with you service their customer service is great about helping fix the problem any way possible. 

My cell signal for calling and texting is fantastic as well, I have been places where people with Verizon, T-mobile and Sprint had problems getting signal and I had all bars and LTE. The towers that Cricket uses are AT&T towers, I get all the benefits of their towers and I do not have a contract. 

If I was going to buy another piece of equipment for internet use, It would be a cell phone booster. I was in one place that I got OK signal and the campground owner we were managing for had a booster. They let us put it in our camper, WOW what a difference I had reservations if it would work, was I wrong, the booster really makes a difference for data and cell signal, so if you are in a area where you get OK service a booster would make a world of difference. I hope this help some people with their questions. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions I can do the best I can to help.... Happy surfing!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blizzard 2016 Baltimore,MD

With anticipation the blizzard started yesterday around 3 pm it started slow, before you knew it you looked outside and it was piling high. Last night was the lighter until about 8 pm when the heavier snow started falling. The news and weather coverage informed us that when we woke up this morning (Saturday) we would have a foot of snow on the ground. I was in disbelief, I went to bed thinking it was not going to amount to anything like the weather channel said, you know when they predict a storm a week out it never really amounts the what they say.... HAHA I was wrong there was a foot of snow on the ground. I was excited to see it since the only snow I have seen in three years was the 3 inches of snow when we were in Sawyer,OK last year, nothing compared to this. 

I am excited to get the puppies outside, I am going to brave the snow and try to go shovel off the back deck enough to get the door open and let the dogs out. I under estimated how much snow was outside, I took one step off the front porch and I was covered in snow up to above my knees (short people problems). struggling I managed to get the front porch some what shoveled and the back deck enough to get the door open. Once I got the back door open I called the dogs outside, Cosmo and pookie ran out off the deck and as soon as they got down into the yard where the snow drifts are they turned around and ran right back into the house. Pookie got stuck working her way up the steps had to give her some assistance and Cosmo wanted nothing to do with it, they could get lost in the snow it is so deep and of course I could not get Sammie out, she took one look and turned her nose up at it. She would freeze her toushy off, she is only 4 lbs. After I got all the dogs back in the house I walked back around the the front and thought I would shovel some more.....NOPE I went inside. Cold and snow covered I saw my next door neighbor with a snow blower I decided that once it has stopped snowing I will go ask him if I could use his snow blower this snow is way to heavy and dense to shovel, there already has been 8 snow related deaths with this storm. I know if I had a snow blower I would just walk around my neighborhood and snow blow everyone's sidewalk that would be my good deed. 

For now it is still snowing I am going to cuddle on the sofa with the puppies and the hubby watch some TV, take naps because we can,

we cant go anywhere. Maybe play some games with my mom and grandmother. I am determined to get Todd to go out and play in the snow with me but he is not budging maybe later when the wind dies down. Stay safe and warm everyone if you are in the blizzard or not!!! I am going to survive the Blizzard of 2016 in Baltimore,MD