Saturday, November 18, 2017

Veterans Day 11.11.17

I know it has been over a year since I have posted but we have been taking care of some family business and below will explain why I have been away

So as everyone knows that has been following us we sold our RV and our truck and went stationary what we hoped was going to be a few years. The reason we went stationary was Todd's mom has been ill for a long time but she has progressively gotten worse. We got a call from his step dad saying we should come home (home is in MI cant really full-time year round in a RV here tons and tons of SNOW and COLD) because she was not getting any better that was the call we were expecting but the call you never want to get.

So June of last year we officially sold our beloved 5th wheel and our truck (AKA Gas Guzzler) and made the move to Michigan and moved back in to a stick and brick. Transitioning back into the real world as well call it is tough. I had to find a job a real job 9-5 desk job yuck!!. We needed to buy furniture and a house full of stuff again stuff that I did not think I would ever have to do again. Living in the snow is something I needed to deal with as well I love to look at it but the moment I have to leave and drive in it I am screwed I can not drive in the snow to save my life LOL....well anyway we made it work but we were not really ever settled I always want to be one the road to the next journey.

Well fast forward to the sad day. Saturday Veterans day 11.11.17 Todd's mom passed away from battling her long time illness. The reason we came back for but the day we never ever wanted to come. I think since we have been married the whole 8 years we have been married he has been my rock I have cried a million times and he has been there for me, well the rolls reversed I needed to be his rock but I almost was not sure how to be. I never seen him cry or need me in this way but I just needed to be there for whatever and whenever he was ready, he assured me he was going to OK but I know better then that. He held all his emotions is until the funeral I am glad he let them out holding emotions in can just make things worse.

He opened up and talked to me and did say that no matter how long he went without talking to his mom and not seeing her she was the one constant thing in his life. No matter when he came back HOME to MI she was always there for him in the same house doing the same thing. Now that she is gone he feel like he does not have a place to call home anymore and no one to come back to. Hearing that makes me really sad I know him saying that does not mean anything to do about me it means his childhood home but it still breaks my heart knowing that he feels like he has nothing left and feels like he has no family left.

With all this that has happened Michigan is not where we want to be any more. We are looking to our next journey which is us getting back to our excellent adventure. We are looking to buy a fifth wheel or a class C decent size we are low on funds because we were helping with medical care so if anyone knows of any rigs that could get us out back to the excellent adventure that we love and enjoy please message me and I look forward to posting many many more blogs for everyone to read!!! 

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